Products Spotlight
Adapt your ad units to content users really see at each page.
Change ad layout without HTML coding: everything is in one place.
Improve viewability drastically by switching on ads lazy loading.
In-articles (Inread) Auto Insertion
Insert inread ad units that match your content size and structure: less ad units for short pages, more ad units for long read articles. Here are a few examples, all pages use the same ad code:
short article
long article
long article with bigger distance between ad units (less ad units per page)
      Horizontal sticky ad unit allows to improve viewability and get more revenues. See example
      High Viewable Header
      Multiple Sticky Ad Units
      Sticky ad unit increases Viewability and Revenues. Don't waste empty space under your sidebar. Examples:
      one sticky ad unit
      two sticky ad units
      three sticky ad units

      User Consent Tool to comply with GDPR
      Clickio has developed a simple GDPR Consent Tool for publishers.
      Clickio's Ads.txt Manager
      Helps publishers by keeping their domain up to date with all their demand partners.
      Policy Compliance with Ad Exchanges
      Clickio has its own Content Safety Tools that don't allow ads to be shown at non family-safe pages.

      Brand Safe Environment for Ads
      Clickio AdLoad extension measures load times of most ad units and some images.
      New Clickio extensions are coming soon. Wait for updates.
      Clickio Extensions
      Our publishers love us
      Clickio is one of the best services for monetizing our website, thanks to their advanced technologies.
      They offer excellent support and a great interface.
      Francesco, Angelo & Paolo
      Clickio helped me boost my earnings without impacting on the other channels of advertising that my sites already had. The solutions are fantastic, as well as the technical and account management support that is always available to answer the questions and present new options of monetization of my content. Whenever I can, I recommend Clickio for other publishers.
      Experience with Clickio is positive: an increase in revenue compared to standard advertising, specialists help with the configuration of ad units and campaign optimization, the support promptly solves the emerging issues.
      If you want the best, Clickio is a winning choice. Clickio has an advanced technology and an always available support team that always have the right and efficient solution for every need.
      Working with Clickio has helped me achieve higher return on my Ad inventory. They use sophisticated technologies to scale proportionally and a team of awesome support!
      We have experienced a considerable change since we started to work with Clickio. We are very satisfied, not only with the platform, but with their great support team.
      The Team
      We have been working with Clickio for a couple of years now and we've found them to be a really easy, effective way of monetising our website. If we ever have any issues the support team get back to us almost immediately, so we're very happy with the partnership.